Not many places in Denmark have a greater chance of catching a bucketful of herring in one day as in Thorsminde. Thorsminde Camping has a nice large fish cleaning area, here is always the opportunity to have a nice chat with all the other anglers, while you get the fish cleaned. We have several freezers where it is possible to get fish frozen. If you have a boat with you, you can sail out on the fjord to catch flounder. There is access to a boat slip and mooring at the harbor.

Herring Fishing

The first spring herrings already arrive at the locks in Thorsminde by late March and often remain there until June. The fishing takes place on both sides of the lock. The fish gather in large shoals, waiting to pass through the lock, making fishing most productive there. Platforms have been set up at the locks for fishing. On the northern side of the lock, a new fishing bridge has also been established. In the autumn, herring fishing often begins by late September. These herrings are much larger and fatter, perfect for Christmas herring. In fact, the fishing often continues right up until Christmas when conditions are favorable.


The garfish season kicks off in mid-April, a season many eagerly anticipate for good reason. Anyone can join in catching garfish, even the youngest children. Garfish are fantastic fighters and relatively easy to catch due to the sheer number that comes into the lock. Garfish can be caught from the pier, similar to herring. The larger garfish arrive first, though they may be more spread out initially. A bit later, shoals of garfish arrive, offering ample opportunity for successful fishing. The season typically ends around mid-June when they move further out into deeper, colder waters. Therefore, you can broadly say that the peak season is from around April 15th to June 15th.

Mackerel Fishing

Mackerel fishing is enjoyable because mackerel are vigorous fighters despite their size and possess significant strength. In Denmark, mackerel are considered heralds of summer and can be caught from June to August. To achieve success, it's best when there has been an easterly wind for a few days, bringing the mackerel close to shore within casting range. Fishing often takes place from jetties or the beach.


There's nothing quite like fishing for flatfish—it's both relaxing and enjoyable. Especially in the summer, many anglers head out with bottom rigs and worms, just as they have for many decades. The thought alone of feeling the rod twitch with a bite can elevate fishing excitement by several degrees. Fishing for flatfish doesn't require extensive skills and is best done from the fjord side.

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