Regulations for Thorsminde Campingsite

At Thorsminde camping we want to be the place where there is room for differences among the campers. It also means that there are few simple rules, so it will be a nice place for all of us.

Stay on the site​

The campwardens are responsible for peace and order and will assist if problems should arise. The campwarden’s instructions are to be followed at all times. You are requested to show consideration with regard to other campers and please note that noisy behavior is not permitted. During 11 pm to 7 am the site must be quiet. During your stay, driving must be restricted to essential journeys and these should be at walking pace (under 20 km/h).

There may only be one car per unit on site otherwise reference is made to the parking lot in front of the boom at reception.

Only ordinary tents and tent extensions on caravans may be used. Tent houses with fixes walls, windows and doors are not allowed. Caravans and tents must be mobile and in good condition according to the camp manager's assessment. Windbreaks and luggage tent at 3 m2 of the type generally sold may be erected, but any other enclosure of individual pitches is not permitted.

If you dig in the allocated space, it must be left even and tidy, when you no longer want the space.

Fireworks and weapons are not allowed on Campsite.

Trading on campingsite is only accepted with the camp warden’s permission.

Communal facilities, i.e. toilets, wash house, kitchens, cleaning area for fish etc. should be left in the same conditions as you would like to find them. i.e. clean and tidy. 

The waste containers set up on site must always be used.

Cars may only be washed at the car-washing site.

Fire and distance rules

Safety zone between the camping units shall be at least 3 meters in accordance with the fire requirements for campingsites. The vehicle shall be placed in such a way that the neighbour’s placing arrangements are not reduced. The vehicle/fore-tent/fence shall be placed at least 1,5 meters from boundary marks.

Playing facilities

Our campingsite has a playground and playing field. Help your children find the grounds laid for these purposes. Ballgames are not permitted among tens and caravans, so that it becomes a nuisance to neighbors.


Dogs are very welcome on site, but they must be kept on a short leash. There must not be unnecessarily noisy and they must be exercised outside the site or in a designated area. There is a dog park on the sports field next to the campsite. Always bring a plastikbag for any unforeseen accidents.


Please inform the camp warden af your time of departure as early as possible, especially during the rush period. Unless otherwise arranged with the camp warden, your place or cabin should be vacated no longer than 12 noon in a clean and tidy state.


The camp warden’s assume no responsibility for damage or loss of camper’s property. Anyone damaging buildings, equiqments or fellow camper’s property is liable to pay damages in accordance with current rules for damage liability. Naturally, most of our guest behave in a considerate manner. Sanctions against the few who do not adhere to the regulations of the camping site may be expulsion from Thorsminde Campingsite.

Nature and Environment

Please take good care of the environment and show due consideration – the future depends on you. Please note, there is a protected bird area by the fjord in parts of the camping year - see signage by the fjord.

Season pitches

More detailed regulations regarding the mobility of mobile homes, the set-up of each pitch and space registration in the reception at Thorsminde Camping.

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